Digital Literacy

Digital skills for business success.

A lack of computer skills may leave your business behind in today’s digital world. Technology can allow you to stay connected with your customers, employees, and community.

All course materials are provided by the CSDBCC. Plus, you’ll get a free computer and a grant to make digital improvements to your business upon successful completion.

This is an eight-session program where you will attend in-person classes. Our instructors will help you attain basic computer skills to communicate more efficiently, promote to a larger audience, stay organized more easily, and manage your business from home.

Digital literacy is the ability to use technology to find, create, and communicate information.
This course is focused on helping you have a stronger presence in your community, promote your business more effectively, save time and money and improve daily procedures.

We know you have something unique to offer that your local community can benefit from, and we want to support you in your continued success in reaching them.

If you wanna be successful, you really need to manage your time, and you need to keep a calendar, otherwise it’s going to be really difficult. So one of the things that I learned in our course was that Google has calendars, and I could have as many calendars as I wanted and just merging them together. So I think that for me, that’ll be my first step of getting my business life in order.

Yvette Porter Moor

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