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Do you want to become a certified minority-owned business? Do you know which certifications are available and what benefits come with certifications?

Supplier diversity programs help ensure large corporations work with underrepresented businesses, like Black, Latino, Asian, women, LGBTQIA+, veterans, and disabled owned businesses. These programs help create a balance by ensuring a fair distribution of opportunities.

Qualified candidates will have been profitable in their business for several years and are for profit organizations. They have the resources and are ready to commit to offering their services or products to a corporation or government departments.

Upon successful completion CSDBCC will pay your first-year MBE certification application fees to support you in your effort to become certified.

This is a six session program where you will participate in virtual sessions. You will finish by preparing your application to become certified as an MBE. CSDBCC will pay application fees, however participants remain responsible for timely and correct application submission.

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