Support the Black Business Relief Grant Fund
The CSDBCC has created the Black Business Relief Grant Fund with the goal of representing the interests of Black businesses in San Diego County, ensuring that our businesses are equipped with the resources and technical assistance necessary to equitably begin to recover, reopen and rebuild.
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Donna DeBerry
President & CEO
A Message from the President about the Black Business Relief Grant Fund


The past few weeks and months have been difficult.

This nation has faced the compounded threats of a global health crisis, economic upheaval, and civil unrest over racial injustice and police brutality.  The Black community has been at the center of each of these events and has endured disproportionate, devastating impacts from each, compounding our collective trauma.  The Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce (CSDBCC) is working to ensure Black businesses and the Black community are resilient in the wake of these tragedies, and we need your help.

This includes the economic systems that have left Black-owned businesses and Black people underfunded,  underemployed, and particularly vulnerable to global health and economic crises such as those impacting us today.

We need your support NOW more than ever.  The urgency of the current moment requires that the CSDBCC immediately step up its programming, outreach, and advocacy on an unprecedented scale.

To support the CSDBCC in uplifting the Black business community of San Diego, and by extension the broader San Diego economy, please donate to those impacting us today.

The Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce exists to spark the Black business community and to empower entrepreneurs across the San Diego region.  Our mission is to create generational wealth through business enterprise, education, employment, and investing.  The CSDBCC will be a voice for systemic and structural change, advocating for policies and programming at all levels of government that re-enfranchise our business community, help reduce the unemployment rate among Blacks and remove the barriers that have held us back for so long. In addition, given the current environment and with an eye toward the future, the CSDBCC will serve as a conduit for real change in addressing the interwoven of challenges of health, economic and racial inequality that have come to the fore and brought our community to the brink in 2020.

From the onset, the CSDBCC sprang into action to organize Black business owners and community leaders in San Diego to identify ways that small businesses and their employees could prepare for, and respond to, the spread of COVID-19 in order to minimize the economic pain and severe health impacts.  The CSDBCC also played a vital role in engaging with local, state, and national political and business leaders to serve as a voice for the Black business community and to ensure that information on relief funding flowed to the Black community.

Thank you for your commitment to the Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce and to the advancement of the Black business community through our goals and mission.


    As local business owners are applying for funds, we ask those who have previously applied to grant us patience during this process. We will keep all applicants notified. You only need to submit one application per business. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at
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