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Get your business Investor-Ready!

Stagnated in the early stages of your business? The Business Accelerator Program may be able to provide you with the solutions and support you need to move forward. Plus, you’ll get a grant to build business capital upon successful completion.

Hear from industry leaders and get personalized advice to prime your business for success. Our instructors are seasoned consultants, passionate about educating and trained to support organizations on the rise.

This course focuses on designing for growth and cultivating competitiveness. A diversity of support and expertise is invaluable in creating a successful enterprise. We know you have something unique to offer, and we want to support you in preparing for success.

The Business Accelerator Program consists of nine virtual sessions with office hours for personalized support.

Because of Covid, the business landscape has changed, but because of this class, I can tell a different story of my company to be successful in the current environment.

Jacques Stroud

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