Puzzle Pieces Marketing, LLC. is a San Diego-based marketing and public relations firm offering a full range of high-quality marketing and consulting services in the areas of Strategic Planning, Online Marketing, and Creative Design that are cost-effective while still meeting the needs of their clients. They work with companies to determine the most appropriate channels to help them reach their target customers.

The Puzzle Pieces Marketing team has strong expertise in Strategic Marketing and Marketing Communications, with over 50 years of combined experience working with Fortune 500 companies. Their work in the Non-Profit, B2B, Healthcare Information Technologies and Biotechnology industry demonstrates significant achievement and lasting results.

“At Puzzle Pieces Marketing, we take pride in our public relations and marketing successes. We do our best to strive for a unique and beneficial way of marketing and designing that best fits the needs of our clients”, Angel Mason Broadus, President.

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“We create different
because we’re different!”

Angel Mason Broadus - President, Puzzle Pieces Marketing
Testimonial by Angel Mason Broadus
Angel Mason Broadus, the President and Founder of Puzzle Pieces Marketing has nearly 20 years of experience in strategic marketing, market segmentation, market development and social networking/ marketing. As a seasoned marketing professional, Angel excels at developing strategic marketing and market development campaigns, generating leads, deploying programs, and accelerating revenue with limited marketing budgets. As a result of her successful development of creative and unique marketing campaigns, entrepreneurial drive, and commitment to community involvement, Angel received honors as a 2016 San Marcos Boys & Girls Club – Champions for Youth Award Winner, 2010 San Marcos Chamber of Commerce Ambassador of the Year and a 2010 nomination for the San Diego Business Journal’s, Women Who Mean Business Award.
Angel Mason Broadus
President, Puzzle Pieces Marketing